Where to Find High Quality Sample Thesis Statements

In many cases, the thesis determines whether a student will pass or fail his class. But before you can proceed with the actual thesis, you first need to get the approval of your professor. This is where thesis statements come into the picture. Depending on what subject you wish to tackle and the requirement of the professor, the statement can range from one sentence to a full-length sheet of paper. The thesis statement is considered as the preface of the rest of the paper. It is important to keep it insightful and interesting. The reader should want to continue reading the thesis.
The thesis statement should not only state the main idea of the paper, but it should be very specific. For example, if you want to write about European bailouts, the reader should know whether you intend to focus on the euro, the bond market, or the banking crisis. Even within those narrower fields, it is still critical to state which particular area of the problem you want to tackle.
Writing a Solid Thesis Statement
Investing time and effort into writing a solid thesis statement can ensure that your idea will make the grade. In this article, we'll give you some tips on how to write solid thesis statements:
• Declare - while there are students who declare their thesis in the middle of the paragraph or even at the end of the statement, it is generally better to state it at the very beginning. The core topic you want to tackle should be clear; by specifying this at the beginning, the reader can immediately decide whether to keep on reading or to put your statement down.
• Be Bold - thousands of students write thesis statements every single year, you want yours to stand out. So don't be afraid to be bold, daring, and creative. Say something that is thought-provoking. While you should stick with facts, you should approach a topic from a new perspective.
• Be Specific - as was mentioned easier, it is crucial to be as specific as you can. Your paper can't be all over the place and the thesis statement should make it clear that you know what you're talking about to the reader.
• Defend - if you're required to write an argumentative essay, the thesis statement lays the foundation for your defense. The rest of the paper should expound on this argument by citing facts, statistics, and even polls.
There are cases when the thesis has to be done with a group. In this case, you have to brainstorm and come up with a topic everyone agrees to. During the thesis itself, it can be challenging to distribute the work fairly to all group members. But at the end of the day, getting this right is worth it.
The thesis gives you the chance to study a subject you're interested in on a deeper level. It can prove to the professor and to prospective employer upon graduation that you can work seriously and work with a team.
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