How to Do Your Thesis For a Great Company And Get a Job There

Hey Friend,
In this article I'll briefly describe the strategy that I used to effortlessly get offers from IKEA, Willys, and Tetra Pak to do my master's thesis in marketing for them. These are some of the most elite retailing companies in Sweden.
For your information, I did my master's thesis on the topic of in-store marketing. But that's irrelevant, because you can apply the following strategy to any kind of area of expertise.
These are the steps you need to follow:
1. Understand what business area that you want to do your thesis about. Your thesis should fulfill two criteria:
a) It should be about a topic you're interested in or something that you think will be in demand in the future.
b) It should be something that you know companies are working with, something that has a practical value. Not an unprofessional topic like "Gender Equality in Mammal Communities".
The reason I say this is because you'll be spending 3-6+ months writing your thesis and doing your consultancy work. This is an important part of your life, and way too many people let it go to waste. Instead, be deliberate about this whole process. Use your thesis as a synergistic process for long-term growth.
2. Once you've chosen a business area do the following:
a) Go to and check out the top 100 bestsellers in this niche. This will get you an overview of what the main problems in this field are.
b) Buy or download at least one of these books and read through it. By the time you have finished the book you will know infinitely more than you did before. This should allow you to zone in on an important problem in this business area -- something that piqued your interest while reading.
c) Look up and contact 5-10 experts within your business area, INCLUDING the author of the book you read. Ask these people some specific questions related to the business area, and let them know you're writing a thesis on the topic.
Ask them what they would write about regarding the topic, if they were in your shoes. Make sure you're contacting people with practical experience, and not theoretical armchair philosophers. Be sure to ask them which companies would be ideal to write the thesis for, in regards to your topic. They will know who's good at what.
You can write a sample message and copy paste it to them all.
d) Write a specific email to the author of the book you read. Make sure you connect with this person, because you will need to borrow authority from this person. If there was something that really interested you while reading his/her book you should ask about that as well. That person will be delighted that you're interested.
e) You should've got at least 1-2+ responses from the experts, suggesting what might be a good topic to write the thesis about and what companies would be a good idea to apply to. If you're lucky, the experts or author might even recommend you to a few companies. This happened to me.
f) Contact 5-10+ companies related to your business area. Do this by email first, then by phone (especially if you don't get a response back). In both cases, what you want to focus on, is this:
--Emphasize that you're offering free work for 3-6 months on a specific topic. No one in their right mind says no to free work.
--Make sure you bring up the experts/author's name. Say that these people recommended that you do your thesis for the company. Include as many names as possible to make use of social proof.
If you do this right it should result in a number of interviews. Your grades will not matter at all. And you will get your thesis at a top company.
When you get to the interview, make sure you emphasize that you're more interested in helping out the company, and learning more about how their business works, than you are in producing a high quality academic thesis and pleasing your professors. Also, make sure you bring up important facts from the book(s) you read, and opinions of the experts/author. This will show that you're already knowledgeable about the topic.
The company will love you.
Then you choose to do your thesis for the best of the companies you were interviewed by. Make sure you do a kick-ass job for the company. Then you get hired.
Boom. Score.
Best of luck to you.
Your friend,
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