What is a Thesis?

A thesis (usually academic) is a study which represents individual or group research. The research is concluded and grounded around written evidence by the student or students; and submitted in partial fulfillment of a degree at a recognized university. It is pertinent to note that in order to submit an error-free thesis, you need to do what we call 'thesis proofreading'.
The thesis is an important part of any degree course and is always highly valuable to the grade of a final degree. This is because the thesis is a main part of the final year grade that counts heavily to the final grade of the undergraduate course, especially on degree courses that award honors.
On a postgraduate course, such as a Masters degree, the thesis part of the course will be a separate module of the course and will be conducted over the summer term of the year; this will count between 5 and 20% of the final grade. In essence, all Masters degrees will require completion of a thesis.
The research aspect is the main part of the thesis and usually starts long before the student starts thinking about what hypotheses he is trying to prove or disprove. However, the research must also be preceded by planning. The student must plan how he is going to achieve what the thesis is about.
Also, there is the issue of deadline. Planning ahead will enable him meet or even beat deadline. Apart from the deadline, other strict guidelines are attached to the submission of a thesis and are usually more stringent than the guidelines of an essay.
Thesis writing is undoubtedly a very important part of your academic studies and should therefore be free from any type of error; remember what I said above about thesis proofreading. Majority of students are not competent in thesis writing; they prefer to engage the services of professional thesis writers or thesis writing agencies. Let me stress that there are guidelines to picking a good thesis writer or agency. We shall discuss that in a future article.
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