The Light Behind Thesis Making

Most of us have an overloaded mind with the overflowing of ideas that keep on running that we can still see even in our sleep. Well in order for us to make our life easier, I mean make our thesis making easier, I have here some simple, friendly tips to keep you going.
1. Manage your time wisely. If your professor had set a deadline and you heard it, start everything right away. Make your topic and ask your professor about it. If the deadline is as soon as next week, make it a habit to research at least two hours per day for your thesis.
2. Manage your thoughts. By the time your professor gave you the research task, make your title and start on listing down your ideas. Now, if you're suffering from overflowing of ideas, here's what you can do:
o List down your variables (important terminologies in your topic's title)
o Make your outline to research about.
And boom! Your research moments will flow smoothly.
3. Organize your references. It is one of the biggest conflicts of students in thesis making. Admit it! We always forget to write and remember our references. Jeez! If that really is your problem, a table is all you need. Make your table right away and put in your table the topics found, page numbers, Title of the book, author, copyright/publisher, and even the library number. Reference isn't a big problem to worry about.
4. Avoid too much hanging out. As my mentor is always saying, "strike while the iron is hot!" Always keep in mind that you have a thesis to work a lot about. Thesis making cannot be finished with just a restless day of researching. It takes a lot of time, effort, researching and for some, their lives and dreams.
5. Avoid late night sleeping and waking up late. Holy cow! It's already two o'clock in the afternoon but you didn't do anything but sleeping. You can't justify that "I only got late sleeping last night because of extreme researching." Gee kid! Grow up! You will lose the half of your life with it. It will only stress you up. The best time to research is dawn. It is the time when your mind is set for absorbing fresh informations. In order for you to wake up early, sleep early.
6. Always ask your professors about the ways. Since the above ideas are all I have, now ask your professors for deeper sense. Always consult them with all that you've done. From the topic, the outline, and so on and so forth. So you can get professional advices from the experts.
Since my mind is now burning down, at least I shared with you the things that helped me going to make my thesis or research paper. And I hope after reading this article you will have a little light in your mind to start working it out. Here you go. Ciao!


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