Low Paying Online Freelance Writing Jobs Ads at Craigslist - Is it Worth It?

A great website where one can visit to check on online freelance writing jobs and help him earn easy money online is the Craigslist site. If you are in search of online writing jobs such as article writing, research paper and thesis writing, rewriting, encoding and transcription, then here is where you can find good jobs. There are many companies who announce online job openings with nice pay and even benefits.
Beware of unscrupulous companies offering a dollar or two an article
Be aware however of companies that are dishonest to people by offering them online writing jobs that are too low paying. For example in Craigslist, there are advertisers who look for online writers but compensations are very low. While 25 dollars or a higher amount is the standard pay for online writing work, many companies and advertisers offer 2 to 3 dollars per written articles -- sometimes even a dollar for a 300 to 500 word article.
A self-respecting writer should be very choosy with his online freelance writing jobs -- in terms of project quality and payment
If you are a professional writer, you would certainly laugh at such offers. However, it can't be avoided that there are many writers, especially those who are new in the field of online writing and might be desperate enough to apply for and accept such gigs, just to earn easy money online. On the other hand, companies who advertise such demeaning offer at Craigslist are easy to point out that they do not force their offers to anyone. Yes, these are really low-paying online writing jobs, but it is up to the people if they will decide to apply for such job offers.
Craigslist, while having low paying writing gigs, also has high paying ones
It is now up to the online writer to decide; are they looking for a way to earn easy money online or decide that they should not be taken advantage of with such unfair offers of online freelance writing jobs. My opinion is for writers to be patient when looking for an online writing job. Fortunately, Craigslist have lists of decent paying jobs, much better paying than the two-dollar-an-article job opportunities.
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