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Education is the only obligation of human beings which can train their mind and can allow them to recognize the difference between right and wrong and the only place where one obtains education is school followed by colleges and universities. These educational institutions enhance their syllabus time to time keeping in view the significant subjects to be studied by students.

It is because of this reason that statistics has been selected and made a significant part of study for students. Statistics is a extremely practical subject and it deals with the analysis, presentation, interpretation and collection in order to sum up the data.
But for analyzing data, a student requires some guidance which is obtainable to him for a limited period of time because teachers obtainable in schools can help them during school hours only. But when a child sits to finish his homework or assignment, he/she has to go through all the pains because of unavailability of tutors.

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Statistics is the study of mathematical function and hence it is essential for students to have a proper understanding of the data and the exact terminology to interpret the data and present it in an impressive and better manner. But so many concepts and formulas are often not possible for a child to remember and therefore they at times fail to apply them in their studies.

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