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Why Research Chemistry?
There are many reasons for analyzing chemistry. It is one main of the organic sciences necessary for particular analysis in the real sciences or engineering. The concepts of biology and physcology are rooted in the chemical nature of human body. Even students without long-lasting dreams in engineering find out beauty in the endless possibilities that come from the small set of recommendations found in chemistry.
Chemistry has the energy to explain everything in this  world, from the normal to the uncommon. Why does steel rust? What makes lp such an efficient, clean losing fuel? How can fumes and precious stone be so different in overall look, yet so similar chemically? Chemistry has the answer to these questions, and so many more. Understanding chemistry is the key to must world as we know it.

General Chemistry
The techniques of analysis are organized as follows.
1. Properties of Matter:  An Information of the most essential idea in chemistry: matter.
2. Atomic Structure: While formally in the website of technology, atoms determine the activities of matter, creating them a necessary starting for any discussion of chemistry.
3. Compounds and Bonding: Substance relationship is provided, which explains how less than one hundred naturally-occurring components can integrate to kind all the different compounds that complete our world.
4. Chemical Reactions:  things get interesting once  chemical reaction starts breaking and making bonds
5. Aqueous Solutions: Substances included in water have unique functions. This is when substances and perspectives are provided.
6. Phases of Matter: A particular look at the company of compounds, with particular concentrate on scents.
7. Chemical Equilibria: Substance adverse side effects don't go on completely. Balance is the soundness that adverse side effects seek to achieve.
8. Chemical Kinetics: Kinetics explain why it takes years for an steel pull to deterioration, but only a separated second for a hydrogen-filled hot air improve to improve.
9. Thermodynamics: A couple of products decide which adverse side effects can happen and which adverse side effects cannot: heat and disorder. Or enthalpy and entropy, as they are known as in thermodynamics
10. Chemistries of Various Elements: it is the  development of the components that make up all substances.

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