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Artificial Intelligence is the part of computer science majorly focusing on designing machines that can engage on behaviors that human beings consider intelligent. The capacity to create intelligent machines has intrigued humans from ancient times and today with the dawn of the computer and past 50 years of research into AI programming techniques, the dream of smart machines is at a faster pace becoming a reality. Researchers are creating and developing systems which can imitate human thought, understand speech, beat the best human chess player, and countless other acts that never before possible.
Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from its earlier roots, driven by dedicated researchers. Highly advanced-level computer languages, as well as computer interfaces and word-processors owe their reality to the research into artificial intelligence. The theory and insights taken about by AI research will set the trends in the future of computing. The products available today are only small bits and pieces of what are soon to follow, but they are progress towards the future of artificial intelligence.
To get a better insight about the Artificial Intelligence, the field of Artificial Intelligence has divide into several diverse approaches based on the opinions about the most capable methods and theories of artificial intelligence. These competent theories have lead researchers in one of two basic approaches; top-down and bottom-up. Bottom-up theorists consider the best way to achieve artificial intelligence is to make electronic replicas of the human brain's complex network of neurons, while the top-down approach efforts to mimic the brain's behavior with that of computer programs.
If we take this nerve chain, where if any neurons fires from rightmost side of the chain, it will move in super pace to leftmost of the link, this study is very important.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence
A number of fields such as forecasting weather or finding bugs in computer software, expert systems are sometimes highly accurate than humans. But for other fields, such as medicine, computers aiding doctors will be useful, but doesn’t replace human doctor. Expert systems have the power and range to aid to advantage, and in some cases can replace humans also, and computer experts, if used with carefulness, will help human kind.
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