Know The Difference Between Convergent Evolution And Divergent Evolution In Biology

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Divergence creates sense only in the light of 'gradualism'. The real meaning of evolution is that it is slow, ongoing. If evolution were to take place in leaps and bounds, there could be occur situation where divergence would actually bring about convergence! How?


Assume a macro-mutation took rest in a species to suddenly give go up to a new species - divergence has occurred. On the other hand, this divergence is so drastic, that the two species currently have very little commonly. This means that they are no extra under 'similar' selective pressures. Now we have two new species, each one of which will change on their own, and under rather different selective pressures. 
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Let's make use of the above example.
 State the group of monkeys rival for apples 'macro-mutated'. So at present we have one orange-eating species and one apple eating species. At this instant, can it not happen that the orange eating species finally diverged into banana-eating species, immediately the way the apple-eating species did? If this were to take place, one of the two species would actually be driven to extinction. Then what was the entire point of nature investing lots of energy in creating a new species in the first place? Therefore for 'speciation' (creation of a new species) to keep up, it is necessary that evolution be gradual. Gradualism is what guarantees that two new varieties will diverge and not meet.

A lot of principles of progress that were developed in the following decades were actually the offshoots of the principles Darwin elaborated in his publication. If not proportional to, they have been deduced from principles in the publication, sometimes only as a term performs (like convergent and divergent evolution). If you haven't yet study the publication, I would suggest you pick up yourself a duplicate of On the Source of Species. It is awesome to see how much a man can do with only a couple of sight and a eager, attentive and careful thoughts. With the opportunity of appearing repetitive, I will still say - such was the professional of Darwin, that "Nothing in chemistry is practical except in the lighting of evolution".