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English is without a doubt the actual worldwide terminology. It is the second biggest local terminology, the formal terminology in 70 nations, and English-speaking nations are accountable for about 40% of globe's total GNP.

English can be at least recognized almost everywhere among college students and knowledgeable individuals, as it is the globe media terminology, and the terminology of theatre, TV, pop music and the computer globe. All over the earth individuals know many English words, their diction and significance.

The causes for this universality are very well known and easy to understand. English first started to propagate during the Sixteenth millennium with English Business and was highly strengthened in Last by USA globe control in economic, governmental and army factors and by the huge effect of American films.

The idea of a Universal Language is more considerable only now, in the era of globe mass interaction. Before this era Ancient, Latina, People from france were somewhat worldwide dialects, though mainly in European countries.

By a fortunate chance due to factors above, English, the Universal terminology is one of the most convenient and simplest natural dialects on the globe. The only other straightforward dialects are designed ones.

Of course the idea of easiness is comparative, and it is determined by which terminology you know already. However the idea of easiness is undeniable: English in a simple terminology to learn understand and speak. A complicated terminology such as Hungarian would be a very unlikely selection for a worldwide terminology.

First of all, English Language uses Latina alphabet, the most worldwide, and simple and short one (only the Ancient alphabet is reduced and simpler). In addition, in English, the Latina Alphabet provides its most "clean" form as a true alphabet with only 26 basic characters and no diacritics;

English is one of the most analytic dialects, with no considerable artificial, agglutinative features.
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