Know About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Java language

Advantages of JAVA
JAVA language provides a number of benefits to designers.

Java is simple: Java was designed to be simple to use and is therefore simple to make, gather, debug, and learn than other development dialects. 

Java is object-oriented: Java is object-oriented because development in Java is based on developing things, adjusting things, and making things work together. This allows you to make flip programs and recyclable value.

Java is platform-independent: One of the nearly everyone considerable benefits of Java are its capability to move with no trouble from one pc to another. 

Java is distributed: Allocated processing includes several computer systems on a program working together. Java is designed to make distributed processing simple with the marketing capability that is fundamentally incorporated into it. 

Writing program programs in Java is like submitting and getting data to and from a data file. For example, the plans below reveal three programs running on three different techniques, interacting with each other to execute a combined process.

Java is interpreted: A translator is needed to be able to run Java programs. The programs are collected into Java Exclusive Device value known as bytecode. 

The bytecode is machine separate and is able to run on any machine that has a Java translator. With Java, the program need only be collected once, and the bytecode produced by the Java compiler can run on any foundation.

Java is secure: Java is one of the first development dialects to consider protection as part of its design. The Java terminology, compiler, translator, and playback atmosphere were each designed with protection in mind.

Java is robust: Solid means efficient and no development terminology can really guarantee stability. Java places a lot of focus on early verifying for possible mistakes, as Java compilers are able to identify many problems that would first show up during efficiency time in other dialects.

Java is multithreaded: Multithreaded is the ability for a program to execute more than a few projects at the same time surrounded by a program. In Java, multithreaded development has been easily incorporated into it, while in other dialects, managing system-specific techniques have to be known as to be able to allow multithreading. Multithreading is a requirement in visible and program development.

Disadvantages of JAVA

Performance: Java can be recognized as much more slowly and more memory-consuming than natively collected dialects such as C or C++.

Look and feel: The standard overall look and feeling of GUI programs published in Java using the Move tool set is very different from local programs. It is possible to specify a different overall look and feeling through the pluggable overall look and feeling program of Move.

Single-paradigm language: Java is primarily a single-paradigm terminology. However, with the addition of fixed imports in Java 5.0 the step-by-step model is better covered than in previously editions of Java.

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