Techniques to be master of English with vocabulary

The most excellent way to learn English vocabulary is by topics by means of explanations of meaning, instances of usage and subsequent exercises. It is probable to practice English vocabulary from side to side exercises in listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. 

1. Learners of English should have records of hard word meanings and of phrases (expressions) on every topic with practices sentences. They must read those convenient vocabulary usage sentences many times if required. Longman Language Activator Dictionary (only one of its kinds English Idea Production Dictionary) covers this concern thoroughly. It is essential that learners also make up their own sentences by means of that vocabulary, taking into consideration real life situations. 

2. Students of English can study a lot of vocabulary on every topic from thematic English dictionaries. Good thematic English dictionaries give clear word usage explanations and also a small number of usage sentences for each word meaning, which is particularly important. It is essential that students of English also structure their own sentences with hard vocabulary. They should think about the actual life situations where and when that vocabulary can be used. 

3. Do ready-made exercises from textbooks in vocabulary practice?
 Exercises in vocabulary practice can comprise dialogues, narrations (telling stories), thematic texts, questions and answers in a variety of situations, talking points, discussions and expressing opinions and views on actual life topics and issues. 

4. Learners can also master new English vocabulary by reading thematic texts (materials), first of all on everyday topics with important content, such as: Practical Tips and Advice to Make each day Life Easier and Better (practical answers for everyday problems). Such self-help books on settling each day matters are obtainable at book stores. 

Learners must write down unidentified vocabulary in whole sentences. It is necessary that they practice telling the content of the texts that they have read. Seeing that people says, practice makes perfect. 

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