Shift Your employment Strategy Ahead By Taking A Step

Is your employment process based on what you know concerning job seekers?

If there’s one thing in excess of 15 years of in-depth investigate on job seeker performance and perceptions have taught us, it’s that at the present, more than ever, experience matters when it comes to the aptitude to drive quality candidates to apply for your vacant positions.

How do job seekers actually see you? 

Three questions to put

If you’ve never taken a step back to regard as the experience you present candidates – from their perspectives – it’s time to do so at the present.  Underneath are three forms of emerging media candidates make use of today to find opportunities and research potential employers. Effectively, they also give employers the chance to interact with and engage with job seekers on their terms. 

•Are You Mobile Friendly?

Try penetrating for jobs at your company using your mobile device. Is your company’s career site “mobile-friendly” and simple to navigate? Are the pages easy to analyze and read? Can you without difficulty look for and retrieve opportunities and information concerning your company? The rate at which people are using mobile devices to replace information is growing exponentially and it’s performing no signs of slowing down. If you don’t have a ‘mobile-friendly’ website that allows easy navigation and viewing, you’re missing out on a vital chance to reach the growing number of job seekers who look for and share chances and information on their mobile devices.

•Do You Engage on Video?

Enter the expression “work at [your company]” on YouTube. Then do the similar for your competitors. If you were an applicant, which company would capture your attention more? As the fastest-growing medium for consuming content, videos have a capability to engage candidates and tell an additional complete story that is unmatched by any additional medium. They are also uncomplicated-to-create and can live on just about any platform by which job seekers look for jobs (job boards and social networks, search engines, company websites, etc.

•Are You Social?

Come in the term “work at [your company]” on Google. If you were an applicant, would you be impressed by what comes up? Now do the similar for your competitors. How does your company place out in the social space? (Or does it place out at all?) Social media is where the entire on top of come together. Social networking is at the present the number one reason people go on the Internet, as long as employers the chance to reach job seekers where they are truthfully engaged. What’s more, they can make use of social media to reach job seekers on their mobile devices and share video content with them also (as argued previous).

Awareness is reality when it comes to your employment brand. Only when you take a step back and truthfully evaluate the experience you’re offering candidates the way they observe it – especially as it contrasts to your competitors – can you then go forward and create an additional compelling reason to drive applicants to your company.

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