Multimedia has changed the entire information industry

Multimedia is a very important tool of information technology. We keep on hearing this term not only from computer professionals, but also from the people associated with advertisement, training, cinema and business. In this unit we will look into the utilities of multimedia in the field of educational technology.

Traditionally computers have been put to use with text only. Computer uses binary digits (0 and 1) to read a character. Every alphabet or number is converted into a series of binary digits (0 and 1) so that computer can read it without ambiguity. In this manner computer could process words or numbers so as to generate reports, solve equations and produce graphics much faster than best of human brains. But whole computer technology changed drastically when the images and sound were introduced into the computer. The problem, which looks so simple today, was to convert sound and images into binary digits. When this could be solved the next problem was storage space in a computer. Huge amount of storage space (memory) was required to store the sound and images converted into binary digits. The arrival of compact disk (CD) solved the space problem. Multimedia is nothing but the processing and presentation of information in two or more media. Thus multimedia can be an academic presentation, game or business application where different media have been combined. A computer capable of handling text, sound, and animation is called multimedia computer. Thus multimedia refers to any combination of text, graphic art, sound, animation and video elements delivered through a computer. Let us look at multimedia
From the user's point of view, If the user of a multimedia product can control the sequence and timing of these elements it is called interactive multimedia.
Multimedia has changed the entire information industry. It has replaced the professional video production through high priced equipment and professional staff. Now you can produce audio visual material sitting at home through a multimedia Personal Computer (PC) at a much lower cost. Technological advancement has been to such an extent that now a PC can control  external devices such as video recorder, videodisc player, compact disks, video camera and musical instruments. There are computer soft wares which facilitate generation of a sequence of sound, video and images. Multimedia has become very helpful in the field of educational research related to information technology like sound, animation and text. Importance of multimedia is partly due to increased efficiency of the PC. The present days PCs Computing are much faster in processing speed and much smaller in size than the old generation computers. Another aspect is the decline in computer prices. PC prices have been going down at such a rapid rate that it is well within the affordability of a household. Thus in coming days more and more individuals will have PCs as just another household effect.

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