Benefits and Utilities Of Client-Server Database Management Systems

All organizations preserve and use data for everyday business operations. A database management system is the software that is used to store up data, maintain those data and give simple access to stored data. It lets organizations to store up data in a central location using a standard format.

Two Basic parts

In addition looking at the model used to store the data, Database Management Systems can be separated into two basic parts: personal databases and client/server databases. Many of the same concepts apply to both DBMS categories. The dissimilarities lie largely in the amount of data that can be stored, the numerous concurrent users supported, networking capabilities and the level of data security given.

Personal database management systems similar to Microsoft Access work most excellent in single-user environments. The wonderful environment is one user reporting and updating on the data from one PC. Even though personal database management systems can be grouped and shared, the common rule-of-thumb is that there should be no in excess of ten concurrent users. If security, network traffic, or the capability to recover from system failures is vital, a client/server DBMS would be a better choice.

Client/Server Database Management Systems
Client/server DBMS's are intended to support multiple users in a networked environment. important server’s store and process big quantities of organizational data, as client PCs can request data from the server and then update, query and report on it nearby. A typical client/server application has a front end close to Microsoft Access that runs on the local client workstation and a back end akin to Microsoft SQL Server that runs on the server. In these implementations, the front end gives the local user interface on a PC, while the back end has the power to accumulate and process data from multiple users on a network server.

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