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Operational Research (OR) is the use of superior analytical techniques to get better decision making. It is sometimes well-known as Operations Research, Management Science or Industrial Engineering. People with abilities in OR hold jobs in decision support, marketing analysis, business analytics and logistics planning – in addition to jobs with OR in the title.

Requirement of Operational Research :

Operational research means best use of on hand resources. Today’s global markets and immediate communications mean that customers expect high-quality products and services when they require them, where they need them. Organizations, whether public or private, require providing these products and services as efficiently and efficiently as possible. This requires cautious planning and analysis – the stamps of good OR. This is by and large based on process modeling, analysis of alternative or business analytics.

Examples of OR in action

Scheduling: of aircrews and the fleet for airlines, of orders in a factory, of vehicles in supply chains and of in use theatres in a hospital.
Facility planning: computer simulations of airports for the fast and safe processing of travelers, improving appointments systems for medical perform.  
Planning and forecasting: recognizing possible future developments in telecommunications, making a decision how much capacity is desirable in a holiday business.
Yield management: setting the costs of airline seats and hotel rooms to reproduce changing demand and the risk of no shows.
Credit scoring: settling on which customers offer the most excellent prospects for credit companies.
Marketing: assessing the value of sale promotions, expanding customer profiles and computing the life-time worth of a customer.
Defence and peace keeping: finding methods to deploy troops rapidly.
Some OR methods and techniques
Computer simulation: permitting you to try out approaches and test designs for improvement.
Optimisation: narrowing your choices to the awfully best when there are so many practicable options that comparing them one by one is difficult.
Probability and statistics: helping you assess risk, mine data to find important connections and insights in business analytics, test conclusions, and make dependable forecasts.
Problem structuring: obliging when complex decisions are required in situations with a lot of stakeholders and competing interests.

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