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Human resource planning requires to be based on the standards  and achievements highlighted in the article below. In the practical world, an exterior  human resource consultant or employment agency takes part in an important role in planning the basic conditions for human resource.

 1.   Human Resource Planning has to be lastly integrated into the other areas of the association’s strategy and planning.

2.    Senior management must give a show the way in stressing its importance throughout the organization.

3.    In larger associations a central human resource planning unit accountable to senior management needs to be established. The main purposes of this are to co-ordinate and settle the demands for human resources from different departments, to standardize and oversee departmental assessments of necessities and to produce a comprehensive organizational plan. In actual fact, the Human Resource and Development department would normally play a foremost role in the task. 

4.    The time span to be enclosed by the plan needs to be defined. Due to the abiding problem of making forecasts involving imponderable factors, cooperation is often adopted in which a general human resource plan is produced to cover a period of more than a few years. If the system is functioned as a continuous, rolling plan, the five year period of general forecasting is maintained and each first year is used in turn for purpose of evaluation and revision for the prospect.

5.    The scope and details of the plan have to be unwavering. For large organizations separate human resource plans and forecasts might well be required for various subsidiary units and functions. In smaller organizations one complete plan will probably suffice for all employees. Where particular abilities or occupations may pose future problems in recruitment or training, special stipulations will be needed in human resource planning.

6.    Human resource planning must be based on the most complete and accurate information that is possible. Such personal information is necessary in any case for the effective management of the association. Details of format and contents will naturally vary, but they will usually need to include details of age, conditions and experience and of trends likely to affect future forecasts, for example labor wastage, charges in jobs, salaries, etc. separately from the routine collection of data for personnel records , special analysis may from time to time be necessary to give particular information.

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