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The English language is a worldwide used and conventional language all over the world. It is used in many activities for example formal business presentations, corporate functions, writing correspondences, social events, etc. By learning English, you are opening physically up for numerous opportunities which may come in the form of clinching a better job, obtaining new knowledge, and experience to different cultures from additional countries.

There are a lot of reasons why it is important to learn English in this day and age. 

Learning of English is important because of some reasons.:

1) The Main Source Of Communication
Singapore is a contemporary and fast-paced city. Coupled with being a multi-racial society, a lot of from all over the world come to visit this country for different reasons. People travel here for long or permanent stays, business trips or unhurried travel and sight-seeing. As dissimilar visitors speak different languages, without a ordinary language, communication would pose as a difficulty.

Hence, to learn English is important as it is one of the most important sources of communication in this multi-ethnic and multi-language society.

2) Job prospects And Career Development
As a well developed country, the majority of professional jobs in Singapore need a certain level of ability in the English language. If you want to get joined into a big company which almost certainly has international branches learning English will be very beneficial to your application. This is because English is used as the most important source of communication verbally or in written word in the corporate arena.

In terms of job prospects, learning English opens up perspectives for job seekers. Importance of English learning, firstly, it is since the candidate has to obstruct job application forms in English. Next, interviews are more often than not conducted in English as well. After your application is thriving, conversing and corresponding with your advanced and colleagues also need you to use English as the main source of communication.

So, it is crucial for an individual to learn English so as to have a wider range of job chances.

Specially, talking about immediate job vacancies, there is a rising number of demands for English teachers. These days, more and more people from non-English speaking countries want to study English. These countries comprise both Asian and European countries. Consequently, the demand for English teachers is very high. So, don't be left out, start knowledge English now.

3) Understanding The Media
It is also very important to learn English so that you can appreciate the media.

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